Edamah signs agreement with Tenmou as the latest tenant at The Terminal

January 3, 2019
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Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company, Edamah, has signed an agreement with Tenmou to open their company’s headquarters at “The Terminal”, adding a diverse mix of tenants at the complex.

Tenmou is the first company to establish the “Business Angels” initiative in Bahrain. The company, launched in 2011, aims to support entrepreneurs by providing them with quality business assistance including financial investment, supervision, advice and guidance.

Tenmou is investing in several areas including Tech, Restaurants, Entertainment and Media. It will become a valuable addition to The Terminal, as it aims to connect and reinforce investors, VCs and startups in the region. This initiative will help to facilitate the process of business establishment and be the core inspiration for individuals attempting the startup world. The vital location also plays a huge role in attracting startups due to the increasingly number of commercial activities and tourists which ultimately set to revive the economy.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Amin Al Arrayed, CEO of Edamah said:

“We are pleased to welcome Tenmou as a new tenant at “The Terminal”. We hope that this step will further encourage diverse tenants to the area and bolster the entrepreneurial spirit of block 338. We look forward to Tenmou opening its doors in 2019. ”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tenmou, Mr. Nawaf Al Kooheji, revealed, “As Tenmou, we are building a collaborative creative space to host and connect both investors to startups therefore to increase investment’s potential in start-ups. The space will also accommodate startup events and will include a working hub for investors, start-up businesses and co-working spaces in order to positively impact and develop the economic infrastructure and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom.”

Strategically located in the vibrant fine dining Block 338, Edamah’s “The Terminal” was carefully designed with the aim of providing a full-service solution for visitors to the liveliest part of Adliya, bringing together dining, retail, and convenient smart parking all under one roof. The Terminal provides visitors access to over 330 car parking spaces and 10 outlets on a land area of 4,801 square meters.

The Terminal is the latest in a series of recent developments in Bahrain which have contributed to the strong performance of the Bahrain real estate sector, which grew by 7.6% during Q4 2017 due to high demand for residential, tourism and retail developments in the Kingdom. The landmark building is an emerging pathway focused on providing a channel for new businesses and local entrepreneurs that fit within the district. “The Terminal” will house tenants from food magnates and entrepreneurs in Bahrain as well as provide ample carpark spaces that ease parking in the area. This will create time savings while further enhancing visitors’ experience at Block 338.

Edamah invested in a number of real estate projects in Bahrain worth more than 40 million Bahraini dinars. These projects cover all parts of the Kingdom, including the development of Bilaj Al Jazayer Beach Project, the mixed-used waterfront “Saada” project, the Salmaniya car park and others.


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