June 2, 2021

Capital Municipality Signs Agreement with Edamah to Renovate Lulu Shopping Centre

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The Capital Municipality signed an agreement with Edamah Property Management Company (EPMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Edamah, to develop and manage Lulu Shopping Centre. Located near the Central Market in Manama, the 23-year-old mall is anchored by a supermarket and offers a mix of retail shops, kiosks, and offices, along with 300 car parking spaces.

The agreement, which was signed by Capital Municipality General Manager, Mohammed Saad Al Sehali and EPMC Chairman, Amin Ahmed Al Arrayed, is in line with the Capital Municipality’s ambitious development plans to deliver modern and competitive commercial offerings which boost economic diversification and sustainability. The plans also aim to add value and create opportunities for citizens, residents, and investors.

EPMC presented a detailed study outlining the status of current tenants and a proposal for events and activities which will increase the mall’s occupancy, boost diversity of tenants, and attract more visitors. EPMC will be responsible for the development and revitalization of the Centre, aimed at maximizing positive impact on the surrounding service facilities, including the widely popular Central Market, which visitors flock to daily. The revitalisation plans will be rolled out over three phases, encompassing housekeeping and operational procedures, refurbishment and repair works, and long-term structural changes to improve the condition of the mall and its commercial viability.

EPMC General Manager Waleed Adel Ali said, “We are excited to breathe new life into one of Bahrain’s oldest local shopping centres, which has been serving the community for over two decades. Our aim is not just to improve the profitability of the mall but also to add real benefits for visitors by offering them easy access to essential services, leisure activities, and shopping and dining options.”

Capital Municipality General Manager Mohammed Saad Al Sehali said, “Revitalising and making best use of our existing infrastructure is just as important to Bahrain’s Economic Vison 2030 as promoting new construction. Lulu Shopping Centre has been a much-loved destination for a range of customers since its launch. This refurbishment will stimulate the local economy on multiple levels by supporting local businesses and adding greater retail diversity to the whole neighbourhood.”

He added, “The Lulu Shopping Centre enjoys easy access from the highway and is within walking distance from central Manama, which makes it well positioned to become the area’s leading leisure and shopping destination. We will be deploying the latest technology to make the entire complex more sustainable and energy efficient, which is in line with development trends across the region. EMPC’s experience in refreshing the look, feel and offerings of several of Bahrain’s other malls makes them an ideal partner for this project. We look forward to working with them to upgrade the mall in line with modern shoppers’ expectations.”