Edamah & Amakin Announces Phase two of Sa’ada

Edamah & Amakin Announces Phase two of Sa’ada

Edamah & Amakin (Bahrain C. P. Co) are pleased to announce the commencement of the 2nd phase of the Saada Waterfront project in Muharraq. Chris Calvert, CEO of Edamah, emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships to develop projects that contribute to environmental sustainability and economic growth.


The second phase of the “Sa’ada” project complements its initial waterfront development, linking Muharraq Souq with the waterfront to honor the historical and cultural bonds between the Bahraini community and its maritime heritage, establishing itself as a prominent tourist destination. Positioned across the highway from the first phase, it includes a pedestrian bridge connecting the two, integrating modern amenities with historically significant sites.


Furthermore, this development aligns with the ongoing enhancement of Shaikh Hamad Highway overseen by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, reinforcing accessible infrastructure to support the thriving historical district.


Chris Calvert said: " The second phase of the Sa'ada project is strategically located within the heart of the historic Muharraq Souq. This collaborative effort with the private sector infuses the project with a unique character. This partnership further underlines our collaborative approach towards achieving shared goals and aspirations."


Mr. Tariq Ali Aljowder, CEO of Amakin said: “We are thrilled to be working on this vital and strategic project. Our expertise and capabilities will contribute to the ongoing development of Muharraq City as part of a portfolio of pivotal projects, including the first phase of Sa'ada Project and the Pearling Path Project. Adding it to our collection of key infrastructure projects, the second phase of Sa'ada project will provide a comprehensive array of dining, retail, and entertainment offerings alongside commercial spaces, office areas, and a generous parking facility accommodating over 400 vehicles. Encompassing a total built-up area of 20,680 square meters, the project will be distinguished by its modern and contemporary design aesthetic.”


He also added: "At Amakin, we believe in the importance of collaboration with the public sector as a strategic partner to achieve our developmental goals and future aspirations. Therefore, we continuously strive to enhance our relationships with various business sectors in the kingdom through joint initiatives and cooperative projects aimed at diversifying economic opportunities, supporting sustainable development, and creating effective partnerships with relevant entities to achieve economic and investment development."