June 1, 2020

Bahrain’s Al Jazayer beach closed until further notice

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Following record numbers at Bilaj Aljazayer beach (BAJ) over the weekend, Edamah (the real estate arm of Mumtalakat) have, in close coordination with the Southern Governorate and the Ministry of Interior, resolved to close the beach for the time being, pending more rigorous protocols with the relevant parties. This is to better limit the numbers and tighten boundary security to dissuade people who are not complying with the safety, social distancing and sanitization protocols already in place at the beach.

Edamah is committed to the physical and mental wellbeing of society, greatly enhanced by a peaceful beach experience, and is keen to re-open the facility upon agreement of the enhanced policies and procedures between the concerned parties. CEO of Edamah, Amin Al Arrayed said: “We are determined that guests to the beach have a safe and enjoyable experience whilst following nationwide protocols that keep them and their families safe by observing the simple rules as outlined by the government. Our close working relationship with the Southern Governorate will hasten implementation of the new policies and it is with thanks to his excellency the governor that we look forward to re-opening Bilaj Aljazayer soon.”

In response to the large of numbers of people gathering at Bilaj Aljazayer beach, where many members of the public did not comply with the required social distancing measures, a meeting was held today, Sunday 31 May, between the Edamah Chief Executive Officer, Amin Alarrayed, and representatives from the Southern Governorate Security Directorate, including Police Director General Colonel Abdullah bin Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa.

Amin Alarrayed added: “With a shortage of public beaches on the Island, our vision with one of Bahrain’s oldest landmarks was to transform the beach into a prime and pristine destination, in order to create a wholesome public space that is a safe for the entire community to enjoy. For this reason, we allowed Bilaj Aljazayer to remain open over the Eid holiday, with strict protocols and precautionary measures put into place. Leaflets with the COVID-19 regulations were distributed to every entrant of the beach, and it is unfortunate that amongst the visitors, on this occasion, some people did not respect the rules; however, we are determined that people, who do respect the tighter protocols, once in place, will again have a beautiful destination that they can enjoy in safety.”

The first-of-its-kind project in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Middle East will comprise an integrated water sports complex with movable facilities and parts that can be transported and re-installed as required. A key national facility, the complex will be equipped to accommodate diverse water sports and swimming activities, offering promising opportunities to elite swimmers and professional coaches, as well as swimming enthusiasts in general. Built according to the best international standards and specifications, the water sports complex is expected to attract many regional and international tournaments and championships. It is anticipated to become an ideal setting for training the best swimmers and organising formal competitions.

Stressing the importance of the project in supporting all types of water sports, Al-Nusuf said the water sports complex will house an Olympic-size open sea swimming pool (10 lanes and diving boards, 50 x 25 metres), half size Olympic pool (8 lanes and diving boards, 25 x 21 metres), and many other facilities.

For his part, Alarrayed said: “We are proud to collaborate with BOC by providing a suitable plot to realise a significant sports and tourism facility on Bilaj Aljazayer, located on the Southwestern coast of the Kingdom of Bahrain”.

“This affirms Edamah’s keenness in providing the necessary facilities to establish the project, to be built in line with the best international specifications on a well-developed marine area, turning it into an attractive environment for all swimming enthusiasts and fans, as well as citizens in general. We hope that this project will lead to establishing many other sports projects in Bilaj Aljazayer, contributing to the development of the sports sector in Bahrain,” he added.