Sitra Industrial Park


Sitra Industrial park

Sitra Industrial Park, which is wholly managed by Edamah, provides a variety of facilities that meet industrial, commercial, and logistical needs. The warehouses span a total area of 87,382 sqm, with a further 8,000 sqm of capacity under development, and can be designed and modified according to each tenant’s individual needs.

The 87,382 sqm Park includes a total of four existing facilities with two new covered facilities and dry storage plots.

Edamah is keen to tailor its features to accommodate tenants’ requirements. The Park is to be expanded with an additional 8,000 sqm of industrial space with construction about to commence on the site.

Project Details

  • 34 commercial units
  • 200 parking spaces
  • 37 marine parking
  • 43 car parks (separate – newly completed)

Phase 1:

Start Date: June 2017
End Date: January 2020

Phase 2:

Start Date: August 2019
End Date: January 2030

Floor Plan